A one-off Pagani Huayra supercar unveiled in May has already been wrecked.

It’s not clear who was doing the driving but according to French outlet TF1 the car’s owner was a Saudi Arabian resident, a claim backed up by the car’s Saudi license plates.

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The crash took place not far from the Four Seasons Hotel George V in Paris, where the car’s owner is alleged to have been staying.

As indicated by photos from Instagram user infaustus_vid.da, the car must have been traveling with considerable speed as a wheel was torn off in the impact and the rear section completely mangled. It’s alleged the driver lost control and crashed into a tree.

The one-off supercar, known as the Huayra Pearl, was originally commissioned by the somewhat dubious dealership Refined Marques. The car features a number of modifications inspired by other Paganis, such as a split rear wing (Zonda S), roof-mounted scoop (Zonda R) and aggressive front splitter (Huayra BC).