Warning: This video contains some NSFW language.

A video has surfaced on YouTube that depicts the aftermath of an altercation between the occupants of a McLaren 12C and a skateboarder.

The video was filmed by Paul Gonzo who was attempting to capture the sunset seen in the backdrop.

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In the short clip we see the 12C failing to stop at a crossing despite a stop sign clearly present. As the 12C continues across the crossing and moves off camera, a skateboarder can be heard attempting to cross. In his video description, Gonzo states that the incident caused the skateboarder to fall off the board.

We then hear the driver of the 12C press his horn and the skateboarder retaliate by using his board to smash the car’s windshield before fleeing on foot. A passenger in the 12C then hops out and gives chase.

Fortunately it appears that no one was injured.


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