"Pokemon Go" will be remembered as 2016's biggest trainwreck.

Every day there's a news story about that app that offers you another reason to lose faith in humanity. And now with reports of Pokemon-related distracted driving crashes, it seems this epidemic can only get worse. But maybe the "Pokemon Go" chauffeur service can change that. According to UPI, entrepreneurial Craigslist users are looking to cash in on folks wanting to "collect them all" by shuttling people to various pokestops and gyms.

This is a pretty smart idea for a dumb game, and it might just save a few lives, too. Here's what else happened this week:

  • While the C4 Corvette isn't the most sought-after "plastic fantastic" in the pantheon of Corvette generations, a SooToday news photo of one on the side of the road burnt to a crisp is never something Corvette Forum fans enjoy. But thinking outside the box, there might be a chance this could be salvaged into the next 'Vette-Kart.
  • Speaking of 'Vettes, there's an eerie cultural similarity between Corvette owners and Porsche 928 owners. One Rennlist member wanted to remind us of that by asking if 928 owners carry guns in their cars. The responses to his thread are hilarious, but the takeaway from this? Don't mess with a 928 driver.
  • We generally think of Harley-Davidsons as bruisin' cruisers for the highway. So do the folks on HDForums, but recently Hog fans were treated to a video of one man who sees his big cruiser as a dirt bike. It's like watching a Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham out-hustle a Miata on an autocross circuit. You really won't believe your eyes with this one.
  • More manufacturers are putting all-wheel drive into their performance cars, and for good reason. Cars are becoming too powerful for their diminutive contact patches. But if you think all-wheel drive is a full head and shoulders above two-wheel drive, think again. As MBWorld members recently saw, a half-mile airstrip battle between RWD and AWD E63s is closer than you'd imagine.
  • The editors at 6SpeedOnline recently spent time with the Alfa Romeo 4C. They're suggesting the pocket exotic is the mid-engine Corvette you'd rather have. Surely that's a controversial statement, but if you can avoid calling the reviewer "Shirley," hear him out on this one. This puts the little Alfa into a new light.

Hit the links to get complete information on each story, and tune in next week for more news from the forums!


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