Few can match the bespoke offerings of the skilled staff at Bentley. For the brand that has long prided itself on its willingness to, say, match your new Continental GT's headliner to your daughter's favorite teddy bear, there are few limitations.

That's just what AutoEmotionenTV recently learned during a behind the scenes tour of Bentley's main facility in Crewe, England.

The big news lately is that Bentley has found a way to use stone—that's real, quarried rock—in its cars' interiors. In other words, leather, wood, carbon fiber, aluminum, and Alcantara are all yesterday's news. After all, you can get all of those materials in something as gauche as a Mercedes-Benz with just a few checks of the options list.

That's not to say that Bentley has given up on wood, a material the automaker has worked to perfect since its founding. This is highlighted in the video above where a staff member from Bentley's Mulliner personalization department creates a representation of the Roque Bentayga in a wooden veneer destined for a Bentayga SUV.

It's an art called marquetry, where separate pieces of wood of varying color are used to create the representation. It's almost impossible to appreciate the levels of complex artistry and hours of manual skill that go into this time-honored process, but the video and gallery help give a sense of what's involved.