Hey you there...yes you, you plebeian car owner with your boring aluminum, carbon fiber, cross-stitched leather, and brushed metal trim pieces. You're poor, and I can tell. I can tell because there's something more luxurious out there and it's arriving from Bentley in the form a new trim option.


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While most automakers are looking to ditch weight, Bentley clearly cares not for this trivial pursuit. The automaker's bespoke Mulliner division is ready to offer up stone veneer trim pieces to the cabin spaces of its cars. Slate and quartzite stone have been chosen as the necessary building materials for this process, and each are being taken from hand-selected quarries in India.

Stone Veneers by Mulliner for Bentley

Stone Veneers by Mulliner for Bentley

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We joke about the weight, but the truth is that the veneers are merely 0.1 millimeter thick. They're so thin they're actually slightly translucent. Bentley states that it is the "established expert in the handcrafting of wood and leather," so it makes sense to add stone to the mix...in a move through the history of man's dominion over nature sort of way.

We full expect a trip backward in time to infused bits of pottery in the center stack, then a leap forward to rusty hunks of iron molded into the side skirts. It will be fun to watch as Bentley artisans travel through the ages finding new materials with which they can become established experts.


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