Talk about a close call. This lucky camera man should buy a lottery ticket.

Here's what happened: At what looks to be a car show in a German-speaking part of Europe, a Lamborghini Aventador LP750-4 SV roadster prepares to line up at a makeshift dragstrip on a runway. A Chevrolet Corvette pulls up next to it. We see some scrambling, the kind you might typically see at an amateur-style race like this one. Watch the the guy in the gray shirt and black pants near the strip's "Christmas Tree." Suddenly, the light turns green and he's not sure what to do, but he moves directly in front of the loud, fast-accelerating Aventador, which narrowly avoids taking him out.

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That Aventador, according to the video's uploader, is the first in the world to be equipped with a new Akrapovic exhaust system that sounds especially mean. Akrapovic, the Slovenian firm best known for its motorcycle exhaust systems, doesn't even list a system for the LP750 on its website yet. 

Big hat tip to Pedro for alerting us to this wild video. 

Let's just hope that, if he wins the lotto, the camera man doesn't spend his newfound coin on a Lamborghini Aventador like the one that almost made his day a very bad one. If he's that foolish outside of one, he can't be too safe behind the wheel, either.


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