Chrysler was on a roll by the early 1960s when its 300 "letter series" reached the 300G. A follow up (to a follow up, to a follow up, to...well, you get the point) to 1955's first 300, the wedge-shaped, Virgil Exner-penned styling of the 300G made it perhaps the most distinctive letter car ever produced.

Now we get to ride along as car guy extraordinaire Jay Leno takes his beautifully restored 1961 300G for a ride with expert Bob Jasinski for the latest installment in the popular Jay Leno's Garage web series. The duo refer to the car as both the "gentleman's sports car" and the "banker's hot rod," both of which work for us.

That first 1955 was actually called the C-300, but its replacement the next year was known as the 300B and subsequent cars were named 300C, 300D, and so on. By 1961, the 300G was treated to a redesign inspired by, but vastly different from, contemporary Buicks and Lincolns.

In typical space-race form, this 300G has no shortage of high-tech features for Leno to check out in his garage before he and Jasinski hit the road and see what the car's 413-cubic-inch V-8 can do. 

With Chrysler pondering its current 300's future, which could include a switch from rear to front-wheel drive, the 300G is as relevant as ever. Just don't look for swiveling seats for Chrysler's next flagship 4-door sedan.


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