From 1954 all the way through 1983, Jeep produced over 600,000 examples of its CJ5. We'd have to assume that the number of those finished with a wooden body, wooden seats, and a wooden roll bar would be low. As in zero. Still, this custom example found wearing Ohio plates probably has a better chance of repelling rust than its metal-clad siblings.

We don't really know just how much of this machine is done in wood, but we can see that all of the body work and even the seats are beautifully crafted. It's most likely that the frame is still metal, as are the wheels.

We're not going to make any assumptions about the powerplant though. There's an electric car parked next to the Jeep and it's possible this CJ5 uses electricity to move about town.

We'd be a bit worried about driving a wooden-bodied vehicle while a churning furnace of combustion sits just below the equally combustible hood. Regardless, it's clear that driving this Jeep would be an adventure at any speed.

Perhaps this was the real vehicle that Ralph Nader was going on about? We just know that we want to race it against this full-size wooden Bugatti replica.


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