Callaway and the Corvette go together like punch and pie. The tuning, engine, and parts developer from Connecticut has been cranking out go-fast bits since it incorporated back in 1977. About 10 years later, Callaway and Corvette would become forever linked.

In 1987, the Callaway crew created a twin-turbocharged kit for the Corvette that was made available through Chevrolet dealerships. Now we have a new Corvette upon which Callaway can spin its wrenches—and this one can go quite fast.

Hit play on the video above, and just skip ahead to the one-minute mark to get to the good stuff.

The featured car is a Callaway SC757. It starts life as a Z06, but then SC757 package from Callaway pushes horsepower to 757 and torque rises to a very lucky 777 pound-feet. Those numbers seem like they should produce tremendous speed, and they do just that.

According to Corvette Blogger, the owner prepped this car for a high-speed blast by removing some bits of aero. The canards for the front splitter and the insert in the rear spoiler were left off the cars. That helped the car rush to just over 202 mph during its 1.5-mile sprint. The data recorder speedo shows 205 mph for a brief moment as well.

If you listen to the audio after the run, you'll hear the driver comment "that was fast". We're inclined to agree. 


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