Would you like to own a Bugatti Veyron? Well today could be your lucky day because we've found one for you, and it will cost you just a little over $3,000. How's that possible you ask, which you should ask because the lowest sticker on a new Veyron is well over one million bucks. The reason you can get this example for far less is because it's a replica that's been made entirely out of wood.

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An Indonesian workshop has been hard at work crafting a life-size Veyron for a customer. The car has been assembled using wood, yet it still has working doors, a steering wheel that turns, movable throttle and brake pedals, and a shift lever that also moves, as this video from Indonesia Today showcases. It's a rather impressive creation that should prove to be a rather splendid piece of art. It would look pretty damn cool sitting in someones garage, and at just over $3,000 it's priced well for what it is.

This same firm is apparently capable of building more vehicles, and has done so in the past. From desirable classics to motorcycles, this shop can seemingly churn out anything vehicular using wood as a medium.

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