We'll spoil this one for you before you even watch this short video: Adelbert Engler doesn't actually have 5,500 full-size Mustangs.

He has a bunch of those in his "Garage Mahal," yes, but the subject of this brief film released a while back by Ford Motor Company's [NYSE:F] European operations is more about his scale model Mustangs, of which he has nearly 5,500 (subtracting the real ones, which appear to span just about every generation).

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Engler is located in Belgium, which is not exactly native country for Ford Mustangs. He says he picked up his passion for all things 'Stang when he was a small child and he saw a Matchbox-sized model for sale at a local store. He recalls that he went home and emptied out his piggy bank to be able to buy the little gold car, which he still has today.

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He says that he buys new Mustang models online weekly and that it's like Christmas Day every time one arrives. Unlike many toy collectors, though, Engler takes his models out of their boxes to put them on display.

Even if you're not a diehard Mustang fan, the video is worth watching to see how he stores and displays his collection of toy—and full-size—Mustangs. 


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