If the already luxurious (not to mention ostentatious) Cadillac Escalade isn't quite enough, California coachbuilder Lexani Motorcars has a new option: The piano-inspired Escalade Sky Captain.

Decked out in black and white inside, with hints of 24 carat gold trim, the Sky Captain is designed to evoke private air travel down to its deployable tray tables.

So proud is Lexani of the work it performed to transform the Sky Captain's piano's interior that the firm didn't even release images of the vehicle's exterior.

2016 Cadillac Escalade Lexani Sky Captain Piano

2016 Cadillac Escalade Lexani Sky Captain Piano

Two quilted leather-clad seats with integrated heating elements and a massaging feature await the SUV's pampered rear occupants. A 48-inch curved Samsung screen allows the passengers to experience a home theater-grade movie experience (or at least really high quality video conferences). In a pinch, a pair of extra (quilted leather of course) jump seats deploy from the bulkhead in case more members of the main passenger's entourage need to tag along.

The look is thoroughly over the top and shows little restraint, which is Lexani's claim to fame in catering to its upscale customers. 

For passengers who require more than just an upscale atmosphere, Lexani also says that the Sky Captain can be outfitted up to a B7 level of ballistic armor protection. If you have enough money to afford this thing, maybe you need that kind of protection.