While the latest Cadillac Escalade is hardly lacking in the luxury department, Lexani Motorcars, the vehicle customizing department of the aftermarket wheel brand Lexani, has seen fit to develop a stunning interior conversion for the Escalade ESV variant.

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Each of Lexani’s creations always begins with a detailed consultation with the client commissioning the work, with the items on offer typically spanning additional tech goodies, premium leathers and fine wood detailing. Lexani’s new Concept One is just a taste of what’s possible.

Gone are the standard rear seats, replaced instead by two six-way adjustable executive seats with heating and massage functions. These are joined by a raised roof for extra space, two video monitors, integrated iPads, and burl wood airline tables. A 40-inch television has also been installed, and Lexani has also added its own control panel that allows occupants to control many of the vehicle functions.

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Other luxuries include 24-carat gold accents, Italian leather trim, an integrated coffee machine and custom embroidered headrests. For the exterior, the designers have only added tinted privacy glass and body color-matching exterior accents.

Lexani is ready for conversions of the new Escalade, and in case even an Escalade isn’t big enough the company also has a package for the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van.


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