Sure, we're dealing with the Blurred Lines of street legality here. That doesn't matter though, as this 1988 Chevrolet S-10 pickup truck owned by Larry Larson is legally registered in the state of Missouri.

In fact, Larson drove the truck the required 1,000 miles to compete in the Hot Rod Drag Week event. Once he got there, he proceeded to rewrite the record books with a 6.16 second pass at 219 miles per hour in just a quarter of a mile.

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That's a truly amazing accomplishment, and a blisteringly quick time and speed. The previous record was held by Andy Frost who was running in the 6.40 range. It also serves to open up the debate as to what exactly someone is talking about when they claim a vehicle is street legal.

Under the partially steel skin of Larson's truck is a SFI-certified tube chassis. The power is provided by a 620-cubic-inch big block aluminum V-8 engine force fed by a pair of 98mm turbochargers. Out on the street, the car runs on gasoline but it burns alcohol at the track. The steel doors are swapped for carbon fiber doors, the transmission cooler is removed, and a few other parts are also taken off and stored alongside said cooler.

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To call this vehicle a street legal truck is stretching the term a bit. Actually, that's an understatement... calling this (amazing machine) a street legal truck is like calling Usain Bolt a jogging enthusiast. I understand that it's legally registered for the street in its home state, that it was driven 1,000 miles to the race, and it fits the guidelines of the event in which it ran.

It's still very much a dedicated race truck that's exploiting a loophole in the registration process. I'm not trying to take anything away from Larson, because the truck is amazing and it can reportedly go even faster. I just take issue with the fact that everyone participating in the event is running stuff like this and calling it street legal. If that's what it takes to win, I'm going to buy an old F4 Phantom jet, remove the wings, add blinkers and a horn, and make a pass down the strip.

Also... don't wear flip flops on an active racing surface.

(I'm sorry to sound like a killjoy here, and I want to reiterate that the speed and time are both amazing. I just have issue with the street legal part of the event.) 


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