Let's get this out of the way right off the bat; going over 200 miles per hour on a public highway is lunacy. Everyone got that? Good. Okay, let's move on.

A Nissan GT-R owner was pushing their car quite aggressively. That's what one does with a GT-R, especially when the engine has been bored and stroked out to 4.3-liters. That engine surely wants to be run hard and the driver was happy to oblige.

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It was pushed so hard, in fact, that the driver was cresting the 203 mph mark when a rather large oh-no moment occurred. In the video posted to LiveLeak, you can see apparent disaster strike at the 25 second mark. That's a tire quitting its job by way of a blow out. What you'd expect to happen next is the car veering hard in the direction of the wheel that's now acting as a braking force, and the nose meeting an immovable object.

What happens instead is that the driver remains calm. The car is brought down from speed and kept in a straight line, and more serious disaster is avoided. We don't want to praise high-speed shenanigans on a public road here, but we will praise the driver's ability to bring the car to a stop in a safe manner.

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What as the damage done to the car as a result of that blowout? Head to GTRLife and you'll see that the entire right front fender is trashed, but the rest of the car appears to be fine. Hopefully this event will serve as a lesson to check your tires, and make sure they can handle the speed your going to throw at them.

Oh, and don't go 200 mph on a public highway.



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