We have to imagine that the average super and hypercar spends its life on a battery tender, parked in the garage of one of the four or five homes owned by the car's keeper. That's not the life that such a car deserves seeing as it was designed and engineered to go fast. Not every owner babies their machine though, as some who possess the storied keys of velocity champions actually enjoy pushing their cars and themselves to the limit.

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One such person is Michael Benham.

Mr. Benham has previously owned a McLaren 12C. He's also spent a fair amount of time driving all manner of vehicle on the race track, including a brief stint behind the wheel of an older Formula One racer. Now he's jumped up to the McLaren P1, and there's clearly no time to waste with this incredible machine.

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Immediately upon purchasing the vehicle, Michael embarked on a 500-mile road trip to Belgium. This nation is home to the famed Spa-Francorchamps racing circuit, and it's where Benham pointed the noise of his brand-new McLaren. He realizes that the car is at its best when it's being absolutely flogged around a race track, and so he's going to treat the car exactly how it should be treated.

Cheers to you, Mr. Benham. You're doing exactly what the average automotive enthusiast would love to do given the chance... and you're doing it in a vehicle that costs much more than many of those enthusiast's homes. You're an example of what's right in the world of loving all things automotive.


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