What's one more gear than the top gear? If you're the BBC, it's Extra Gear, a new spinoff of the network's wildly popular car show.

Extra Gear won't have the dynamic trio who made Top Gear into such a success, of course. Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond, and James May are set to launch a new,  currently unnamed series available to Amazon Prime account holders this fall.

Instead, Extra Gear will be hosted by British auto journalist Rory Reid, but the BBC hasn't given us many additional details yet.

The network did say that Extra Gear will feature "exclusive new footage, interviews, and specially recorded films." 

We do know that it will be broadcast on the new BBC Three website immediately after new episodes of Top Gear air on BBC Two. It is not clear just how, or even if, Extra Gear will be offered to global viewers outside of the United Kingdom, however. New episodes of Top Gear will be available on Netflix, but not immediately after they are aired on BBC.

BBC is set to launch the rebooted Top Gear, including its rather large list of hosts, soon. However, a recent report suggests that the series has been both cut short and pushed back. 


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