We now have something resembling an air date for Amazon's new car show starring everyone's favorite ex-Top Gear presenters: This fall.

The confirmation first came straight from Jeremy Clarkson himself, who responded to a Tweet from a fan earlier this month. Then James May held a Reddit AMA yesterday and he backed up what Clarkson indicated.

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We're still waiting for Richard Hammond to check in, but it is safe to say that the new show, which doesn't yet have a name, will be streaming on Amazon Prime within the next six months... or thereabouts. Amazon Prime subscribers in both the United Kingdom and the United States will have access to the new show at the same time, however.

For now, the ex-Top Gear presenters aren't narrowing anything down other than using the word "fall."

For its part, the BBC has officially replaced the three with new staff for Top Gear, but there are some concerns brewing about just when the show will air and how many episodes will be shown.


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