Jay Leno may be better known for his passion for cars, but the TV funny man is just as enthusiastic about motorcycles.

After first taking hitting a few highlights of his personal motorcycle collection, Jay spends some time on Ducati's new XDiavel S. 

Ducati's North American chief, Jason Chinnock, tells Jay about the new bike, a model that pushes Ducati in a different direction. The CEO has some selling to do, however, as Jay notes early on that his last Ducati was one he bought new all the way back in 1984.

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But if there's any bike that could get him back into a showroom, it may very well be the XDiavel. 

The XDiavel is Ducati's first cruiser, but it's not really a laid-back mile-eater. As Chinnock tells Jay, the XDiavel is designed to be a stable, high-performance machine, but one with a proper Ducati soul. We'd be disappointed with anything else.

After a lengthy product briefing with Chinnock, Jay finally hits the road, first around town and then on a canyon road. 

He notes that the XDiavel is as much a sport bike as it is a cruiser, something Ducati no doubt wanted to hear. 


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