A lot can happen over the course of 28 years, but time appears to have stood still for this 1981 Ferrari [NYSE:RACE] 308 GTSi.

Stolen from a consignment lot in Orange County, California, on July 19, 1987,  the Ferrari was recovered last week at the Los Angeles/Long Beach Seaport, where it was being prepared for export to Poland.

What's surprising is that, according to CNN, it showed a mere 45,000 miles on the clock and appeared to be in excellent condition. There's no word on where the Ferrari spent the last 28-odd years, but it is safe to assume it was in the possession of a caring owner who may or may not have been aware of its nefarious past.

Its value is estimated at about $45,000, which puts it toward the bottom of the barrel for Ferraris.

The California Highway Patrol and the National Insurance Crime Bureau were first tipped off by the car's serial number, which matched that of a 1982 308 GTSi exported over a decade ago to Norway.

It's unclear if that Ferrari's buyer or seller was related to this car, however.

CNN reports that the '81 308 GTSi's owner was compensated by his or her insurance company back in the late 1980s.

Thus far, the fate of the car is unknown. You can bet that it's not on its way to Poland, though.


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