Tesla Motors' [NSDQ:TSLA] upcoming entry-level model, the much-hyped Model 3, is still a long way from dealers but a lucky fan with a quick draw on his or her smartphone managed to nab a pre-production example on a public road, just like the one we recently rode in.

Judging by the Model S camera car in front, the Model 3 was being filmed for marketing or advertising B-roll.

While the Model 3 is essentially ready to go stylistically, its interior remains merely in the mock-up stage at this point. Nevertheless, the car already managed to rack up more than 325,000 pre-orders.

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Early reports out of the unveiling left us scratching our heads about how Tesla thought it could get away with such a simple dashboard layout, but it appears there is more to come. The video doesn't give us any hint as to what is going on inside, however.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk says there will be a "part two" of the Model 3's unveiling before the car is due to enter production late next year, so we'll have to wait until then to learn a lot more about it.

As previously reported, the Model 3 will offer at least 215 miles of range, as measured by the EPA, and in base form will be capable of 0-60 mph acceleration in less than 6.0 seconds. It has been designed to comfortable seat five and we're told the starting price will be $35,000, before any incentives.


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