ATVs, short for all-terrain vehicles, are awesome machines. However, your average run-of-the-mill ATV can't really conquer all terrain. It can handle dirt, mud, sand, snow, and puddles just fine, we assume. What it absolutely cannot do though, is hold a candle to the Sherp ATV.

The product of a Russian firm based in the city of St. Petersburg, the Sherp ATV is a truly amazing little go anywhere and everywhere machine. It's not fast, but it does have a top speed for both land... and water. Not many vehicles out there can make that claim. The Sherp ATV boasts massive tires that sit just ahead and behind the front and rear bodywork, which means there are no overhangs to speak of. This makes for absolutely insane climb and descent angles.

Under the skin sits a four-cylinder turbodiesel engine, which is only good for 44 horsepower. It doesn't need much though thanks to its low curb weight and appropriate gearing. You're not going to take this down the highway anyway... unless you're living at the end of Fury Road and your highway sits surrounded by roving motorcycle gangs, water passes, silty sand, and pretty much anything else you can think of.

The Sherp ATV can turn on a dime too, thanks to its skid-steer setup. It basically handles like a tank or a forklift. Sherp will sell the ATV with a base price of approximately $65,000, and that gets you a standard version with a pickup-truck style bed. We'll take the cab covered passenger version and make it our new global Motor Authority roving HQ. Now to find a satellite phone and an Indiana Jones hat...


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