Talk of a Koenigsegg sedan dates back quite a few years but the company’s CEO and founder Christian von Koenigsegg has finally confirmed that such a car is in the works.

Speaking with Top Gear the magazine, von Koenigsegg said work on a sedan has already commenced though we may have to wait some time until we see it.

“It’s a project we’ve been working on for quite some time,” von Koenigsegg said. “I’d be surprised if that’s the next thing we release—because we’re getting such a good response for our traditional type of supercars—but it’s a car I’d love to do.”

The move makes sense as there is a demand for exclusive, high-performance sedans that isn't being met sufficiently by the market. It's why Bugatti CEO Wolfgang Dürheimer is still open to the idea of a Bugatti sedan. The same is true for high-performance SUVs but neither Bugatti nor Koenigsegg have any interest in this particular category.

While von Koenigsegg sees an SUV as being technically feasible with his company's technology, he has little desire to build one because he perceives such a vehicle as being “fundamentally flawed.” We’re guessing by that he means a high-performance SUV could perform well at the track but poorly when going off-road, defeating much of the purpose of driving an SUV.


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