Would you do a double-take if you saw two elderly women cruising down the street in a souped-up Lamborghini Murcielago? We'd probably do a triple-take, just to figure out what's going on.

That's what happened in this video put out by the funny crew at Donut Media (via duPont Registry), which is noted for taking unexpected passengers for a wild, hair-raising ride in this same Lamborghini. Peggy and Audrey climb into the lowered, wide-body car, which one calls "Lambo" and the other calls "Ghini". They then set out for a leisurely drive through Southern California. With its big spoiler, blacked-out wheels and tail lamps, and graphics, it's not the most subtle Lamborghini.

After at first struggling to put the Murcielago in drive, rather than reverse, the gray-haired pair drives the car gently through an urban area, garnering a tremendous amount of attention—even from another Lamborghini driver. Lamborghinis may not be unusual in sunny Los Angeles, but they are rarely driven by a pair of older women.

A quick trip to a grocery store reveals one of the Muricelago's biggest downfalls for daily driving—its lack of trunk space. That, is if you can find the trunk, which Peggy and Audrey struggle to do initially.


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