We love engine swaps, especially when the owner is thinking a bit differently. Everyone and their grandmother can swap an LS motor into a car. It takes a special type of thinking to work with a different set of parts. One man in Sweden is going in a direction we never would've considered, but now that we know about it, we're totally in love. Say hello to the Volvo Amazon that's getting a marine-based V-8 engine.

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It's not just any V-8 mind you, as this one is a two-stroke engine. As Road & Track discovered, it's an Evinrude unit that, in its natural environment, isn't mounted in the typical transverse or longitudinal manner. Instead it stands upright to serve outboard duty for a powerful boat. Here, it's been reworked so that it sits in the nose of a Swedish soon-to-be Amazon drag car. There are a pair of throttle bodies that snap open quickly with each stab of the throttle, and they sit way down low. Each cylinder has its own exhaust outlet, which makes for four pipes per side.

The most interesting part of this build is that, from the factory, this engine is good for around 250 horsepower and 300 pound-feet of torque. That doesn't sound like a ton. What this engine is made to do, however, is run wide open for extended periods at a time. It's a marine engine, so it's built to be extremely reliable. Now, if you start to dip into some of that built-in reliability, tune the motor a bit, you should see substantial power jumps with little effort.

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We can't wait to see where this build goes next, and we look forward to drooling over the completed vehicle.


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