The Nissan GT-R, as it comes from the factory, is quite a beast. It's capable of accelerating to 60 miles per hour from a standstill in less than three seconds. This Japanese two-door has tremendous lateral grip, and it will show you just how much on its Gran Turismo-designed center screen display. Still, for some folks out there, more is always better. A modified GT-R can do insane things. On occasion, it can even do its best fire-breathing dragon impression.

WATCH: Fire Breathing Nissan GT-R Plays In The Snow: Video

A rose gold-wrapped GT-R was in for dyno testing in the United Kingdom. While it was strapped to the rolling road, the folks in the shop decided to see if it could pull off a neat little trick. An intrepid (and possibly now deaf) individual walked up towards the rear of the car to see if he could light a cigarette using just the flames shooting rearward from the belching exhaust outlets.

The flame trick is a neat one. What the car is doing here is throwing a little sprinkle of extra fuel into the engine. It isn't combusted during that portion of the four-stroke process, but rather it's spat out into the exhaust system where it makes all those delightful pops and snaps you hear when you lift off the throttle. Some cars do this right from the factory (exhibit F... for Jaguar F-Type), but none of them burp flames out the back. You need quite a bit more fuel for that.

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Still, even with all of that extra gas getting tossed out back, the car couldn't complete its task. That cigarette remained unlit.


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