The world’s most-watched car show, Top Gear, is set to return this year after temporarily sailing into the unknown following the rout caused by the exit of long-time hosts Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May in 2015.

However, the new series looks to have already run into trouble with reports out of the United Kingdom claiming the show’s lead, Chris Evans, has already threatened to quit at least once.

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Citing several sources, the Mirror reports that Evans made the threat as a result of frustration caused by “meddling” by heads at the BBC, the station that produces the show.

The good news for fans is that a new person said to have a good working relationship with Evans has been put in charge of the project. Joining Evans in the new show will be British journalist Chris Harris and German track ace Sabine Schmitz.

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No doubt there will be more to hear about the new series in the lead up to the first episode, currently thought to be airing on the BBC on May 8.

Meanwhile, Amazon Prime’s new show starring Clarkson, Hammond on May is also in production and is expected to premiere in the fall of 2016.