Between 1973 and 1990, Lamborghini produced just 2,049 examples of the Countach. That's right around 120 cars per year. Contrast that with 14,000-plus Gallardo coupes and convertibles Lamborghini has built, and you can see that the Countach is an exceptionally rare machine. That's why it's exciting when one heads to auction, which is exactly what is happening at the end of February when this 1981 Countach LP400S crosses the stage in England.

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Lamborghini produced three versions of the LP400S, and this particular car is one of the last Series III to be built. A 4.0-liter V-12 engine sits in the rear of the car and makes 350 horsepower. It was the styling of the Countach, however, that made its mark on the world. This was a spaceship from the planet supercar when it landed on Earth back in the 1970s. It only got more fantastically outrageous as it evolved in the 1980s.

1981 Lamborghini Countach 400S

1981 Lamborghini Countach 400S

This Lamborghini Pearl Yellow example is a right-hand drive car with just under 40,000 miles on its odometer. It's had a few owners over the years, who've had differing views on the necessity of that rear wing. The second owner had it removed, while a later owner reinstalled it as that's the way it came from the factory.

Pre-auction estimates peg the sale price of the car as between $290,000 and $360,000, and possibly even higher. That's almost low for the car at this point, as Countach transaction figures are rising...and rising quickly.


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