It’s been almost a year since we last saw a video from Tax The Rich, the mysterious group on YouTube that flogs rare supercars and other expensive metal on a muddy farm somewhere in the United Kingdom. It’s been rumored that one member of the group is famous Ferrari [NYSE:RACE] collector Jay Kay, the lead singer of the British band Jamiroquai. All we know is that the group enjoys driving their cars the way they were meant to be driven: fast.

Some of the previous videos they've brought us showed a pair of Ferrari F50s in a game of tug of war, a Ferrari Enzo driven through the mud like a rally car, and a Rolls-Royce Phantom being flung through muddy grass fields. Now it’s an F40 race car performing some gymkhana action down on the farm.

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This particular car is believed to be one of the original F40 prototypes Ferrari built and later had converted into a race car by Michelotto. In fact, it’s thought this is prototype number six, the car Ferrari presented at the 1987 Frankfurt Auto Show. It was last up for sale in 2012.

Hopefully that crash sound at the end is just a prank because we’d hate to see something terrible happen to this rare beauty.


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