Torque is a fun thing, isn't it? Especially when a large amount of it can be delivered instantaneously. Car makers that offer vehicles powered by electricity know this, and electric torque has provided the world with a few fun additions in the vehicular realm. Be they fully electric or aided by the electron, there are a number of cars that use batteries to generate power and smiles. A surprising new one could be announced soon...and it may wear a Corvette body.

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The folks at Auto Guide have discovered some interesting new trademark filings. They come courtesy of General Motors Company [NYSE:GM], and the filings call for protection of the terms "Corvette E-Ray" and "E-Ray." The General already knows a thing or two about adding electric-go-power to its vehicles and fleet, but we'd be more than pleasantly surprised to see such tech affixed to a 'Vette.

Perhaps a hybrid or fully electric Corvette is in our future. It wouldn't be that surprising, anyway, since GM product chief Mark Reuss has already hinted at the possibility. Supercars have embraced hybrid powertrains to great effect. BMW is prepping a full line of i vehicles, and the i8 shows that they can be tantalizing machines. Acura is finally ready to bring the new NSX to the marketplace with three electric motors. Maybe the time is right to throw some electrons toward a bit of iconic American muscle. Best of all, it may keep a naturally aspirated V-8 under the hood of the Corvette for years to come.

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Prepare your mind for the world of an electric (or electrically assisted) Corvette. Prepare your mind for the E-Ray.


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