Late last decade, there were plenty of rumors about Porsche launching a modern 928 based on the Panamera platform. The car was to be a proper 2+2 grand tourer and mechanically identical to the Panamera to help save on costs, making it essentially a Panamera coupe. However, the rumors were quickly denied by senior Porsche execs.

Now, the rumors of a modern 928 are once again making the rounds, this time with a little extra credibility now that Porsche has confirmed plans to put its Mission E concept car into production. Even though the Mission E had four doors, leading many, including us, to believe it might be a preview of the oft-rumored ‘Pajun’ sports sedan, the concept’s body was more like that of a coupe than a sedan, meaning it may preview a modern 928.

Motor Trend is reporting that the second-generation Panamera that debuts next year will eventually spawn a coupe called the 928. This makes sense from a historical standpoint, as the original 928 was also a luxurious, front-engined coupe. Furthermore, one of the magazine’s sources said Porsche’s sporty models from now on will come with numeric-alpha names, hence the recent move to attach the 718 moniker to the Boxster and Cayman.

If built, the modern 928 would rival cars like the Ferrari F12/FF as well as Aston Martin’s upcoming DB11 and a possible new sports car from Bentley with which it will likely share most of its mechanicals, namely a shortened version of the Volkswagen Group’s new MSB platform.

Stay tuned for an update.


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