Hey you there. Yes you reading this. Were you a fan of the television show Knight Rider back in the 1980s? Of course you were, because we all were. It's sort of a trick question. I apologize about that, but I ask it to set you up for another question: Are you excited about the new Knight Rider television or film project? Oh, you weren't aware there was one in the making. That's alright, we didn't either until this very vague trailer arrived.

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There's a bit of text on screen before we cut to the man who made the magic happen. David Hasselhoff, aka Michael Knight, is in the desert and he's peering into the horizon. In the distance, we see the car that we fell in love with all those years ago. It's KITT, and it's racing through the sandy expanse with its signature rudolph red facial feature blazing away.

This seems like a recipe for something to get excited about. Instead, the trailer feels a bit... underdeveloped. As if the line items for the budget went:

  1. Hire David Hasselhoff
  2. Source accurate KITT replica
  3. ...uh, figure it out on set
  4. Boom we've got a Knight Rider movie people!

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It's titled Knight Rider Heroes, and it appears that FLAG field agent Michael Knight is passing the torch to a low-budget Shia Labeouf look-alike. Knight asks if this unnamed future FLAG agent (we're guessing) is ready, and he replies that he is... but I don't know if the rest of us can say the same. This franchise has had its chances for a rebirth, and it hasn't successfully happened yet. Perhaps it's time to move on, or completely reinvent it from the ground up. Using a 1982 Pontiac Trans Am, as iconic as that car remains even today, doesn't work if this film is in a modern setting.

Why hasn't someone tried to reboot Airwolf yet? Also, at this point I'd rather see Hasselhoff make a sequel to Kung Fury.


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