Everyone knows that owning a supercar is an expensive hobby. But when it comes to exotics like the Bugatti Veyron, maintenance costs start to rival some mortgages.

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Entrepreneur Alejandro Salomon, the man who told us 10 interesting facts about Pagani, recently got the low-down on Bugatti maintenance costs from a friend that owns one of the few Veyron Super Sports in the country (there’s just eight of them here in case you were wondering).

And just like car’s performance, Veyron maintenance costs are in a league of their own. For example, new tires, which must be changed as a set, will set you back $30,000. And after the third change, you’ll also need to change the wheels as well, which will now set you back $120,000. Such costs make the $20,000 oil change start to look cheap.

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Don’t feel too bad for Bugatti owners, however. The company has a deal for any existing owners looking to buy a new model. For an additional fee of 50,000 euros (approximately $55,000), Bugatti will cover all maintenance for three years. Not bad if you ask us.


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