Alejandro Salomon is a man that's become fairly well known in the Southern California exotic car world. He likes buying very expensive toys, and he also likes sharing them with the world through his various social media accounts. His cars get driven, and driven well, as he can occasionally be seen pushing his Pagani Huayra through the canyon roads around Los Angeles.

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With a camera mounted to the glass inside his Pagani, Salomon takes the car out for a spin. This is a simple ride, as the goal isn't to showcase the car's prowess but instead the driver wishes to deliver ten things you may or may not have known about the car, the company, and the man behind it all.

Most interesting among the tidbits is the fact that Pagani still produces new Zondas, which you may have guessed considering all the special editions that have been rolling out of the factory. More importantly, however, Salomon states that U.S.-legal Zondas could be about two years away. At this moment, the Huayra is the only road-legal Pagani available in the country. We've reached out to Pagani to determine if what Salomon said was accurate, and will update the story as soon as we hear back from them.

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Also, we will totally admit that we thought the part with the cutout in the seat was to attach a racing harness... but we were wrong. Find out what it's really for by watching the video above.


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