Vintage Ferraris are heavily revered machines. Many consider them to be works of fine art where the medium is steel, glass, leather, and rubber. This means they are not to be tampered with, and doing so is akin to committing an act of automotive treason. Not everyone thinks this way though, which is how you occasionally find yourself staring at something a bit... different.

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Take, for example, the 1963 Ferrari GTE you see above.

The body comes from an actual Ferrari GTE, which was the slightly more roomy version of the standard 250. It actually proved to be quite an important car for Ferrari since they produced and sold 1,000 units. Still, everyone prefers the versions with two seats instead of four, and that's how the owner of the car above found his way to acquiring an unloved GTE body.

He decided to put it to use in a manner that's probably not in line with what Enzo was thinking when the car was new.

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Under the hood, er, actually up and sticking out of where the hood should be, sits a 302. Not a Ford 302, mind you, but the Chevrolet version that would've been bolted to a late-'60s Camaro Z/28. You can see a bit of work has been done to the engine, and the owner has paired it with a Viper six-speed gearbox and a Ford nine-inch rear end.

To further confuse your brand loyalty, the red paintwork comes by way of Mitsubishi.

Yes, this car has everything to make many people upset... and that's why we kind of love it.


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