You have an old car. There's a chance you're going to want to spend lots of time with it. If it's the right type of classic, you might even be tempted to take it to the track. That's what the owner of the so-called Green Hornet enjoys doing, and he recently upgraded his beloved Datsun 240Z with a fresh engine and transmission to make sure he's leading the pack at his local track days.

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His name is Greg Scott and his local track happens to be Laguna Seca. The 1970 240Z in question here hits that circuit hard. So hard, in fact, that Scott's engine failed. So he looked outside the country for some assistance. He found it all the way down in Australia by way of Les Collins Racing.

The goal was to create an engine that could withstand the abuse of the track but also be compliant on the street. To meet those demands, Les Collins provided a nearly 3.5-liter L-series inline six-cylinder engine for the 240Z, and paired with a Datsun Works five-speed gearbox.

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You can see how the car now responds in the video above. The video may run a little long and the music may add an element of unnecessary drama, but it's worth sticking around for the on-track action in the latter half. Also, if you're curious about what exactly occurred with the engine build, you can check it out on the Les Collins Racing website.


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