If you’ve ever wanted to know just how superior the real-world performance of a hypercar is compared to a supercar, then this video depicting a match-up between the Koenigsegg One:1 and the Audi R8 is for you.

The One:1, as most readers would know, comes with 1,341 horsepower, making it the most powerful car ever produced, though with only seven examples built you can hardly call it a production car.

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The version in this video belongs to the guys at The BHP Project, and it wasn’t even at its full potential because of a lack of ethanol-blended fuel which it requires to hit its max output. We’re told the car also had a wheel alignment issue.

The R8, meanwhile, was no ordinary example. It was an R8 GT, which means it had 560 hp as well as numerous weight-saving mods.

The showdown between the two cars was filmed during the recent VMax200 held at Bruntingthorpe in the United Kingdom. The One:1 ended up hitting 220 mph before the driver got off the loud pedal, while the R8 managed 190 mph.

Click play now to find out how it all went down.


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