Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo concept - 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show live photos

Bugatti Vision Gran Turismo concept - 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show live photos

Bugatti’s long-awaited successor to the Veyron, a car thought to be labeled a Chiron, is expected to make its world debut at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show next March. Bugatti has started showing the car privately to potential customers, even inviting some to its headquarters in Molsheim, France for an up close look. Among those invited were the guys at GTBoard, and it appears that during their visit they came across one of the crash test mules for the car—and thankfully they’ve shared some photos of it online.

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What’s immediately apparent is the similarities between the mule and Bugatti’s Vision Gran Turismo concept unveiled at the recent Frankfurt Auto Show. It appears the two cars share some design elements, though on the concept these elements have been exaggerated. This makes sense as Bugatti said at the unveiling of the Vision Gran Turismo that the concept previewed the new design language implemented on the Veyron successor.

The new car will be similar in size, shape and ethos to the Veyron but will benefit from more power, less weight and improved handling. Bugatti’s quad-turbocharged 8.0-liter W-16 engine will once again feature, though this time it may be augmented with a hybrid system and electric-aided turbos. Around 500 examples are expected to produced, compared to just 450 Veyrons, and the starting price is rumored to be 2.2 million euros (approximately $2.5 million).

Similar photos of a crash test mule for the original Veyron have surfaced in the past. You can view them at this link.


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