The strong interest in classic cars in recent years, sadly often purely for investment purposes, has led to a number of popular brands launching departments that cater exclusively to owners of older models. These departments, like Ferrari Classiche, Porsche Classic or the more recent Lamborghini Polo Storico, are set up to handle the buying and selling of older models, their repair and restoration work, maintaining the company archives and proving the provenance of cars—always with full vehicle certification.

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Aston Martin also has a classic car department. Called Aston Martin Works, the department is located at the automaker’s original Newport Pagnell home in the United Kingdom and at this weekend’s Goodwood Revival it announced it will now assure the provenance of its older models through a special certification program.

Dubbed Aston Martin Assured Provenance, the program is designed to comprehensively assess the background of the British brand’s cars. Drawing on the knowledge of an expert committee, the program offers four levels of verification to take into account not simply all-original examples, but also cars that have been modified by Aston Martin itself over the years.

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The program involves a two-stage fee: one to initially enter the car for consideration and a further fee should the car be successful. First the cars undergo a digital scan which will be verified and secured in an archive for future reference. Then there is a thorough visual and mechanical investigation, after which all details are presented to the expert committee for its deliberations. Cars are then awarded one of four levels of Assured Provenance, based on their condition, history and significance.

“The values of many Aston Martin heritage models are now such that a formal, officially sanctioned and operated, provenance certification scheme is a natural development for the brand,” Aston Martin Works managing director Paul Spires said in a statement.


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