What's a good day for you? For me, it's maybe getting some wrenching done on my project vehicle and then going for a spin in a car that I might be reviewing for the week. For a wealthy car collector we know only as Sandro, it's taking delivery of not one, but three supercars. More specifically, it's flying to Canadian Tire Motorsport Park by way of a helicopter to introduce your family and friends to your new gasoline-drinking family members.

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Sandro took delivery of a McLaren P1, Porsche 918 Spyder, and a Porsche Carrera GT. This took place on the same day, and included a number of laps in each car including some driving instruction from a man who normally races GT3 Cup cars. We have to admire the fact that Sandro purchased the Carrera GT alongside the 918 Spyder, as the two will be perfect garage mates.

The man himself is interviewed for the camera at the end of the video. He seems humble and excited for his new vehicles, and we have to say we're both jealous and happy for the guy. Congrats, Sandro, you win the Internet and Life for this week.

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