While it will be the BMW M3 that steals the limelight in the new Mission Impossible film, there are other BMW products also popping up in it. The German automaker is trotting out its all-new sixth-generation 7-Series for the new Rogue Nation movie, which makes this the second MI film for the automaker. The automaker lent a hand on Ghost Protocol as well.

The all-new 7-Series should prove a nice fit for the all-new MI movie since it's packing some neat new tech.

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Will the 7-Series get tossed around like the M3? We hope so, but we're not betting on it. Still, with a range of available engine choices, it's certainly possible that there could be some 7er hoonage. Plus it seems pretty clear that Tom Cruise/Ethan Hunt is more than capable of spinning, drifting, and, well, destroying any car he can get his hands on.

Regardless, it's more clear that BMW is betting big on the Mission Impossible franchise. It works for other cars and their associations to certain characters and film series. Aston and Mr. Bond go so well together, after all. Toretto and the Charger both new and old are a nice fit, too. So if Hunt prefers Bavarian metal (by way of a marketing agreement) so be it.


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