Mission Impossible

  • BMW 7 Series Mission Impossible

    While it will be the BMW M3 that steals the limelight in the new Mission Impossible film, there are other BMW products also popping up in it. The German automaker is trotting out its all-new sixth-generation 7-Series for the new Rogue Nation movie, which makes this the second MI film for the automaker. The automaker lent a hand on Ghost Protocol as well. The all-new 7-Series should prove a nice fit for the all-new MI movie since it's packing some neat new tech. ALSO SEE: Porsche 918 Spyder Driver Showing Off Crashes In Car Park: Video Will the 7-Series get tossed around like the M3? We hope...

  • Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation BMW Stunts
    BMW Deftly Driven In Anger For Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation (Video)

    Whatever your opinions on Tom Cruise, you have to admit that the dude gives his all when it comes to his films. He prefers to do his own stunts, which is both quite dangerous and delightful for any director that works with him. It's dangerous because you don't want to be the man helming the project...

  • 2016 BMW M3
    2016 BMW M3 Gets A Few Visual Tweaks: Video

    BMW’s 3-Series range has just undergone its mid-cycle update, receiving a few visual tweaks, a new six-cylinder engine and a host of chassis upgrades as part of the update. Some of those changes have also made their way across to the M3 high-performance variant, which is featured in our...

  • BMW M3 in 'Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation'
    BMW Goes Rogue For Fifth Mission Impossible Movie: Video

    A BMW M3 will be the car star of 'Mission Impossible 5: Rogue Nation.'

  • 2015 BMW M3 on the set of Mission Impossible 5
    2015 BMW M3 Spotted On The Set Of Mission Impossible 5: Video

    The BMW brand had a starring role in 2011's Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol, with two of its vehicles, a 6-Series Convertible and the i8-previewing Vision EfficientDynamics concept, featuring in the hit movie. Now it’s been revealed that at least one BMW vehicle will feature in...

  • BMW i8 Concept
    BMW Celebrates Mission Impossible 4 Role With New Incentives

    It’s no secret that a number of BMW cars are set to feature in the upcoming Mission Impossible 4: Ghost Protocol movie opening nationwide this December. However, in case there are any individuals out there who just aren’t up to speed, BMW is launching a new Mission Impossible-themed...

  • Mission Impossible 4 set in Mumbai, India

    It was already spotted on the set of Mission Impossible 4 during filming in Vancouver, Canada and now BMW’s Vision EfficientDynamics concept car, the precursor to the upcoming i8 eco supercar, has been spotted again during a film shoot, this time on location in Mumbai, India. These shots of the set, taken by a bystander, confirm that the striking concept car will play a major role in the film, mostly likely with the lead character, Ethan Hunt, played by actor Tom Cruise, behind the wheel. Interestingly, the Vision EfficientDynamics isn’t the only BMW expected to feature in the new...

  • BMW Vision EfficientDynamics on the set of MI4
    BMW Vision EfficientDynamics Spotted On Set Of Mission Impossible 4

    While the production version of the Vision EfficientDynamics concept isn’t scheduled to go on sale until October of 2013, we may get a preview of the car in the upcoming Mission Impossible 4 movie. The vehicle pictured is an early prototype of the Vision EfficientDynamics supercar and it was...

  • 2010 BMW Concept 6-Series Coupe
    2012 BMW 6-Series To Feature In Mission Impossible 4?

    BMW’s next-generation 6-Series is just around the corner, with an early 2011 reveal looking more and more likely. We’ve seen prototypes for both the Coupe and the Convertible for more than a year now, and at the 2010 Paris Auto Show we saw a concept version of the new 6-Series that...

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