Whatever your opinions on Tom Cruise, you have to admit that the dude gives his all when it comes to his films.

He prefers to do his own stunts, which is both quite dangerous and delightful for any director that works with him. It's dangerous because you don't want to be the man helming the project where your lead actor goes kaput. It's delightful though, because now your cameras are capturing the real actor putting in the real hard work and it always translates appropriately to the big screen (no matter how many times your friend re-quotes that Danny Trejo quip about stunt men and their jobs).

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Tom has been doing his thing on the set of the latest Mission Impossible flick, and the resulting automotive carnage is pretty spectacular.

Cruise and co-star Simon Pegg have to evade the baddies, and they're doing it in a BMW M3. Tom whips the car through the tight streets of Morocco, and he does so in a fine manner. All the electronic nanny systems are turned off so the car can do exactly what the filmmakers need it to do. This includes bouncing off parked vehicles, running down steps, drifting through corners, and eventually flying backwards through the air.

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If this glimpse into one stunt sequence is any indication of the rest of the film, we're already gearing up to buy our tickets. After all, this is also the movie where Tom Cruise hangs onto the outside of a plane as it lifts into the sky.


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