There are a number of firms offering replica versions of some classic and much sought-after muscle cars, with one of the most popular candidates for recreation being the original Ford Mustang. One of the finer examples of these replicas is this 1966 Ford Mustang from Revology Cars, based in Winter Park, Florida.

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The specialty automobile manufacturer presented the car for the first time at the 2015 Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance this past weekend and is currently taking orders. Both convertible and fastback coupe bodystyles are available, with the starting price for a complete turnkey car coming in at $119,500.

Before you scoff at the figure, note that Revology packs its version of the Ford Motor Company [NYSE:F] icon with modern internals, even going so far as to engineer some of its own solutions to improve the car’s performance, reliability, durability, gas mileage, safety, and comfort compared to the original Mustang.

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Starting with a body shell sourced from Dynacorn, the men and women at Revology add items such as the latest 5.0-liter ‘Coyote’ V-8, an electronic-controlled transmission (automatic or manual), suspension from the fifth-generation Mustang, discs brakes at all four corners, power-assisted rack and pinion steering, and a host of electronic goodies including LED headlights and even Bluetooth connectivity.

However, even with all of the upgrades, Revology’s Mustang replica looks so authentic, it can easily be mistaken for a perfectly restored original. Numerous details highlight the effort to maintain the look of the original, including power windows activated by pushing or pulling on the original window crank handle as well as electronic instrument cluster integrated into the original five-dial bezel. There are also USB and AUX jacks hidden in the ashtray.

If you’d prefer an original Mustang with some of the upgrades you see here or just a straight restoration, Revology can also renew older cars. The company also offers rolling chassis and component kits.

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All of Revology’s Mustang replicas come with a one-year, unlimited mileage bumper-to-bumper warranty. Additional coverage on powertrain components extends to three years, and the body is covered against rust and corrosion for five years. The first deliveries should commence by the spring of 2016.


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