Earlier this month, Swedish supercar manufacturer Koenigsegg confirmed plans to unveil a new RS version of its Agera at the upcoming 2015 Geneva Motor Show and then followed up with an additional teaser (shown below) for a new model dubbed the Regera that’s also set to debut at the Swiss show. We know have a second teaser for the Regera, which reveals the car’s headlight design and part of its front bumper.

As previously reported, the Regera will be a ‘megacar’—just like the One:1 (currently the world’s most powerful production car). This means the Regera will likely come packing at least 1,341 horsepower, or one megawatt of power if you’re used to measuring a car’s power in terms of watts, hence the megacar descriptor. Since the One:1 produces 1,341 hp, Koenigsegg also refers to it as a megacar.

Teaser for Koenigsegg Regera debuting at 2015 Geneva Motor Show

Teaser for Koenigsegg Regera debuting at 2015 Geneva Motor Show

That’s all we know about the Regera, but as a Motor Authority reader pointed out the car’s name is the Swedish word for “reign” or “rule”. The Agera name is also a Swedish word, in this case meaning “act”.

We think that the Regera name may have been picked because it's a combination of the word “regeneration” and the existing Agera name, perhaps suggesting that the upcoming car is based on the Agera but has some form of energy recovery system to match the tech offered by rival supercars like the Ferrari LaFerrari, McLaren P1 and Porsche 918 Spyder. There’s also the possibility that we may see Koenigsegg finally debut its cam-less engine tech on the new car. Considering it's described as a megacar, we doubt it will be a more accessible supercar Koenigsegg is currently considering building.

We’ll have more information soon, as the Geneva Motor Show gets underway March 3. In the meantime, you can see what else will be at the show by visiting our dedicated hub.


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