The McLaren Special Operations team exists to allow McLaren owners the opportunity to create a vehicle that meets their needs or vision. It's a bespoke customization program available to those who want to make their already-special machine just a bit more unique. That was the goal of one 650S coupe owner when he and the MSO crew dreamed up Project Kilo.

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YouTube supercar lover Shmee150 managed to get up close and personal with the Project Kilo car. He goes through all the details, and from a quick glance of the outside you might not catch them all. Give the car a closer inspection, however, and it all comes together.

On the outside, the car wears a one-off special paint called Kilo Gray. There's more carbon fiber employed here to save a bit of weight, and it looks particularly excellent in the area of the rear fascia and diffuser. On the side, there's more exposed carbon fiber, which pairs nicely with the Alcantara touch points.

The really unique points are all of the orange touches, more specifically the callouts to the fat Kiwi and Bruce McLaren. Orange accents appear on the badging, the brake calipers, on the interior trim accents, and even on the key fob itself. It's most in-your-face once the door is open, because there's a large kiwi logo and the MSO lettering on the side of the wide door sill.

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It's a perfect example of a custom car that doesn't go too far. The colors all work together, and we love the nod to McLaren heritage on a car that marks its direction into the future.


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