If you’re a fan of Ron Swanson, woodworking, drinking fine liquors, or other robust activities, you’ll probably be a fan of NASCAR. Even if you're not, you should be, and Nick Offerman’s tribute to the sport’s return to NBC Sports on July 4 is about as American as an exploding apple pie on the moon.

Removing the roof from a car—provided it’s a roadster—seems like it should be a pretty simple affair right? Undo a latch or two, lift it off, and go on your way. That’s true of some cars, but it’s certainly not true of the Pagani Zonda 760 Roadster. In fact, it’s an 11-step process that requires an assistant. Watch the video to see the whole thing broken down step-by-step.

Furious 7 is coming on April 3, 2015, bringing with it Paul Walker’s final role and, judging by the 7-second trailer, a bevy of bonkers stunts.

Toyota is returning to the top tier of rally in 2017, with a WRC entry confirmed today. It will have been 18 years since the company last competed in the series, ending a quarter-century stint that began in 1974. This time around, the rallying will be done in a Yaris built specially for the competition with a 1.6-liter turbo engine, all-wheel drive, and a six-speed sequential gearbox among other modifications.

Finally, Elon Musk appears to be aging in reverse. Back in 1999, a newly successful Musk was filmed taking delivery of his McLaren F1 supercar. At that time—16 years ago—he appears to have been about 20 years older than he is now. How does Musk do it? Is it all hair plugs and botox? Or is it some more mystical power? Perhaps, like the Tesla Model S, it’s the result of rainbows and unicorns.

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