Whether you already love NASCAR (or racing in general) or you think it’s a giant waste of time, we challenge you to spend two minutes with Nick Offerman—better known to some as Parks & Recreation’s Ron Swanson—and not come away convinced.

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A selection of some of Offerman’s reasons (delivered here without characteristic stoic swagger or epic mustache):

  • Fistfights
  • Tools
  • Meat
  • Beer
  • Man-thongs
  • School
  • Winning
  • Crashes
  • Speed
  • Horsepower
  • And, of course, gender equality

Leave it to Offerman to wrap NASCAR in a package of manly excellence and still have it come off as downright appealing to darn near everyone.

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And, in case you’re wondering, he’s not kidding. NASCAR is great. Go watch some. It starts July 4.


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