Elon Musk, space entrepreneur and Tesla Motors [NSDQ:TSLA] mastermind, has often been likened to a comic book superhero—most frequently, Iron Man—and in this video, we have yet more evidence to support the theory. Musk appears to be aging in reverse.

While some would seek to benefit from Musk’s possible use of hair transplant technology, we think the explanation is more complex. Screw Occam’s razor. This is serious.

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In 1999, a presumably young and fiery Elon Musk had achieved an early round of his financial and professional success, and rewarded himself with the McLaren F1.

In addition to some questionable suit jacket usage and a fiancee who rather resembles Edie Brickell, this video offers evidence of Musk’s backwards-through-time journey.

Though filmed nearly 16 years ago, this clip shows a Musk with thinner (nearly male pattern) hair, a mixture of brown and black clothing, and an obsession over a piece of monstrously impressive automotive hardware acquired as a status symbol—all hallmarks of the 55-and-up crowd, hardly the traits of a 27-year-old uber-geek.

Now, at age 43, Musk seems much more like the ostensibly 27-year-old self who should have been in the video above. A full head of hair, smooth skin, well-coordinated clothing, and, of course, his upcoming Model 3, a (presumably) attainable and smart-yet-fun sedan for the family of the future.

Conclusive? No. But persuasive—and perhaps frightening for the future: by the time Musk's SpaceX is running regular trips into orbit, he may be the world's wealthiest, most powerful infant.