If you’re in the mood for some sweet new car tech, Jaguar has your fix: a new system can detect bicycles and motorcycles to reduce the likelihood of accidents with these particularly vulnerable vehicles. This tech follows on the company’s previous innovations in transparent hood and pillar technology.

A cop in Delaware has taken a combination of size and authority and mixed it with the unlikely ingredient of a Taylor Swift sing-along for some serious dash cam hilarity. We agree: sometimes you just have to Shake It Off.

A Lamborghini Huracán driver found out the hard way that even though the new Italian supercar will handily exceed 200 mph, not even the Autobahn is always up to the task of making that kind of speed safe. After hitting a large bump, the car goes flying—but fortunately both occupants survived the horror crash.

Shelby has unveiled an all-new take on the 2015 Ford Mustang, this one packing 625 horsepower and some upgraded looks. The power comes from a custom supercharger setup, while the aerodynamic and appearance components come from Shelby’s mad minds. The total cost? $39,995 and up—and you bring the brand-new Mustang GT.

Finally, Audi has put on a demonstration of its awesome Matrix LED headlight tech—which we can’t get in the U.S. due to some rather unfortunately archaic laws. Consider this demo forbidden car tech fruit—and write your congressman to help fix the problem.

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